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Meet Susie

I'm Susie. I'm a wife, a dog mom to Ella and Lego, a photographer, an artist,  and a retired Disney Princess (Ariel).

I am a family photographer living in Brooklyn, NY.  I believe there is extraordinary beauty in the chaos and undeniable joy in the quietest of moments. 

I was born and raised in the sunny state of Florida, so essentially I am a southern girl minus the heavy accent. I love chocolate, you will often find me baking when I get stressed out, and I love having chats over a good cup of coffee.  In my spare time, I love to run or walk the Brooklyn Promenade, catch a Barre class or Bikram Yoga class, and of course having two dogs I spend alot of time walking the neighborhood on dog walks. I have an uncanny (sometimes irritating) knowledge of all things musical theater. I am a true animal lover (except for reptiles!) I hope to one day have a house where I can have several dogs, cats, rabbits and maybe even a couple of birds.  I wish I did not  have a fear of needles, for then I would have pursued my dream of becoming a veterinarian. 

Being a photographer allows me the opportunity to connect with people I would never meet otherwise.  I love meeting new people and capturing their everyday and sometimes chaotic moments into cherished memories.


A music graduate of Florida State University, Susie began her creative career as a musical theater actress in New York City  where she performed in various regional theaters, cabarets, Disney World, Tokyo Disney, and Tokyo Disney Sea. She continuously photographed her everyday life and travels, as she performed across the world creating a love for photography. In 2005, Susie graduated from Samford University with a Masters In Elementary Education.  She taught elementary school for nearly seven years and soon began to have the creative itch again. Susie began to hone her creative skills pursuing a graphic design and photography certificate at Emory University.  Naturally, having spent so much time as an elementary educator, Family photography and Childrens' portraits was a natural place to begin her photographic career. She has begun to pursue commercial work  shooting for various commercial clients and creating conceptual work.  She continues to create images that ignite emotion while seamlessly managing to find those real, honest moments.  

You can view her commercial work at www.susiemcreative.com 

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